April 2011 - Post Rider - YOKHSC

April 2011 - Post Rider

After about a year of interrupted Post Rider, we are picking up from where we left off. The snow has melted and spring has arrived.

Important Dates:Wed, 06-April-2011 Show & Tell - Mistakes.
Tues, 26-April-2011 Presentation: Tall Stamps of South Australia.
Tues, 26-April-2011 Auction Submission Date
Tues, 17-May-2011 Auction Night.

1. Thank you - Bob Kugel
2. New Location & New Timing
3. Membership Dues
4. Library
5. Schedule for Quarter - Q2 - 2011
6. Auction Reminder

Thank you to Bob Kugel Bob Kugel made the first presentation for 2011 which was very entertaining. The subject was "The Sterling Machine Definitives of Great Britain". We thank him for his efforts and doing it on a very short notice.

New Location & New Timing
Please note our new location,
Darien Library 1441 Post Rd, Darien, Connecticut 06820
(203) 655-1234 ‎ darienlibrary.org

Meeting Time will be 7:30 PM instead of 8:00 PM in the past.

Membership Dues
Membership dues have gone up from $20 to $25. There is a small increase this year in part to offset the cost of our Library space of $50 per meeting. Contributions to supplement our efforts are welcome.

Please mail your checks to
Jerry Logan
12 Perry Avenue
Port Chester,
NY 10573

YOKHSC's library is in transition in that it is being moved from the church over the next few weeks and will be housed temporarily in Jim Edwards office. Requests for books/catalogues should be made directly to Jim.

Schedule for the Quarter - Q2 - 2011
April 6th ( Wednesday ) - 7:30 pm.
Topic: Show & Tell Mistakes. Bring an item from your collection that wasn't what you thought it would be ( a forgery or misidentified item ). Alternatively bring an EFO ( error, frek or oddity ).

April 26th ( Tuesday ) - 7:30 pm
Presentation : "The Tall stamps of South Australia" by Jim Edwards

Auction - May 17th ( Tuesday ) - 7:30 pm.
If you are thinking about selling your collection, duplicates, exibit or a single rarity, it makes sense to talk to our very own leading stamp auctioneer at the club, Mr John Lydecker. His knowledge on various philatelic areas, coupled with his expertise and marketing skills would add that edge to sell your goods and get you the best bang for the buck. There has never been a better time. Call now!!!!

Submissions for the auction are now being accepted. Consigners are urged to please use, and fill out, the club auction sheets for all lots submitted.
Last date of Submission 26-April-2011.
Annual Dinner / Gathering

No formal meetings are scheduled for June, however we are working on an informal pot luck evening at a member's home on or about June 22nd. This would replace our annual party which we missed this past November/December. Please also note the new start time of 7:30 pm for our meetings.