Post Rider - Special Edition - Spring 2009

A special communication for all of our members:

First, you will remember that Marion asked someone to volunteer to be our new Editor of the Post Rider. In a flash, her request was answered by Maulik Thakkar. THANK YOU, MAULIK!! (Your Board just loves it when our members are so cooperative, spontaneous, willing, and generous with their time and talents. It makes our job a real pleasure.) Some of you already know Maulik, a member since 5/07; you may have seen his program on "The Gandhi Mourning Issue" at our meeting in fall 2007; and you may have seen his prize winning exhibit on the same subject at the APS Stamp Show in Hartford in August 2008. This is a man who belongs to both the Norwalk Club and YOKHSC; he is a valuable member of both clubs! In addition to managing his own blogspot, he will be the blogspot editor for our Club. Please make a special point of introducing yourself to him at a meeting. Welcome him as Editor and feel free to send him any items you think are newsworthy; or comments and feedback. Maulik's email address is:

The second reason for this communication is to let you know that the church where we meet, needs the Circle Room on this coming Wednesday night, April 22, for a big meeting of the Church Council -- their governing body. That is the fourth Wed., and was supposed to be the night of our meeting. Fortunately, there are five (5) Wednesdays in April, this year; so, we have asked permission to hold our meeting on the following Wednesday at 8 PM. Permission has been granted so, would you please change your calendar and mark it for our meeting on Wednesday, April 29th, at 8 PM.

Our speaker will be Bob Kugel -- talking about and showing us his stamps of The Feudatory States of India. Recently, someone asked the question, "What are Feudatory States?" Bob will answer that question. If you have a collection of stamps from the Feudatory States, please bring them. We hope you will make a concerted effort to attend our meeting on the 29th, show support for Bob's presentation, and show support for your club.

Because of the switch, our intended program on German Inflationary Stamps with Catherine Stone has been moved to Wed., May 13th. In light of all the shifts and switches, we all are attempting to be flexible, noting all YOKHSC meetings in pencil, and "trying to be good sports" about all the changes in our meeting schedules. Your Board wants to thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please show your support for our presenters by coming out on 4/29 and again, on 5/13. See you then!

Message From Bob Kugel,
I'll be giving a review of the stamps of India's Feudatory states with emphasis on several states, most likely Cochin, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Travancore.